{July 3, 2012}   A different thing…

You did a different thing… that is a rarity…

Last night I watched the new BBC drama “Blackout” with Christopher Ecclestone.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I tuned in as the trailers looked interested and I find that I rather like the quirky style of Mr Ecclestone.  I’d encourage you to tune in on BBCiplayer.

So C.E. plays this rather unlikeable local councillor; he’s shown using a prostitute and drinks heavily throughout most of this opener (including behind the wheel).  There’s some shady dealings going on between him and someone bidding for a council contract (papers are photocopied late at night, brown paper envelopes, more booze and all that sort of thing.)

Then (bizarrely) he does something utterly out-of-character, something which others call heroic… though he himself shies away from this term, which oddly made me think of “but who do you say I am?” [Luke 9.20 / Mark 8.29 / Matthew 16.13-20]

Following on from this he wants to do better, to be a better man – he wants to do away with the bs of contemporary society (focusing here on local politics).  Similarities with Christ’s attitude to the bureaucratic Pharisees?

Can ‘bad’ people do ‘good’ things?

Can God use ‘broken pots’? [2 Corinthians] (thanks to Momma for this thought!)

And the line spoken by the nurse which I opened with… being / doing different makes us a rarity… makes us stand out… how comfortable am I, are you, standing out like that?


writepray says:

I have to admit, standing out is not comfortable for me. At the same time, I don’t want to chameleon in a world I don’t agree with. Perhaps standing out becomes more comfortable when my focus is on the Reason I stand out, and not on others’ reactions.

Takwirira says:

Yes God can use broken pots. He used lepers some time ago too. Amen

Jim Harrison says:

What I would like to know is, where were the night shots of the city filmed? It looked like New York or some other big American city with all the streets in straight line grids but the traffic was driving on the left. Does anyone know?

Good question Jim; after a bit of an internet scout it seems “Blackout” was filmed in Manchester where it is set (unusual for that to happen!)

Source from Manchester Evening News

Jim Harrison says:

Thanks for that. I lived in North Manchester for 22 years and I dont remember Manchester having as many sky scrappers with helicopter pads on them or as many long straight roads. Was there a bit of CGI involved?

Think there was a fair bit of re-building following the ’96 bombing – but I left there in ’98 so wouldn’t really recognise it I expect now!

Nick says:

Some it may have been filmed in Manchester (I recognised some locations), but there is no way it is set there – unless it is a future ‘Manchester’. The name of the city was never mentioned, intentionally i’d guess. I think the wider cityscape shots were probably filmed in the US.

BTW: Is this finished? Unless i nodded off at the end of ep3, it certainly did feel concluded or maybe there’s another series coming or did they run out of money?

I just googled it – cannot claim to have any more detailed knowledge. Though I feel in depth discussions of the location may well steer us away from the intention of the post.

well I recorded this,, 3 episodes, and only just watched them… I like to view all together.
3rd August….. where is episode 4??? left right up in the air… what is the BBC playing at here?

I was under the impression it was only expected to be 3 episodes… though have to admit, haven’t gotten to #3 as yet – because clashing with ITV’s “Superstar” and “Revenge” all on AT THE SAME TIME *Mutter mutter – never anything on I want to see and then it all comes on at once!*

[…] (hmm that’s something I need to think on…) God can do wonderful things in the people you least expect  – the world could be denied a miracle by what we don’t bring. Lord you have my heart… […]

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