I really do write as a prodigal; I was raised in a Christian home by parents who (and I now appreciate this!) are a fantastic example of belief and faith.

I took some different paths as I grew older, always questioning and never truly convinced that what I had started off with was the most beautiful thing in the world.  So I took the long way round, in order to re-discover where I began.

I now write, encouraged by my friend Girltaristhan & my own wanting to get in deeper with the Word, challenging myself and untangling some of the Bible alongside my life.

I also saw a project which involved opening up Bible discussion, and getting some positivity out there in the big wide web so I’ve challenged myself to be a part of the Big Bible Project as a digidisciple …

Now I’ve caught the bug, so I’m trying to keep a pad of some variety with me to jot those ideas down.

I’m a mum (unmarried), I attend a local Church regularly, I’m a primary school teacher.  I’m interested in how religion is presented in the media, the role of women in the Church, presenting God in a way that will encourage people to engage with His story and see how it connects to their own.  I also like to keep up to date with political goings-on (though financial stuff often goes over my head).

Lastly… remember, I may not agree with you, but I will defend your right to believe it (and continue to pray for you!)…  I like the Carman line “you can talk about me all that you please… I’ll talk about you when I’m on my knees!”

But I have a ‘life’ too, I like fantasy novels (reading through Game of Thrones currently) and things like Anne Rice, Stgephanie Meyer, Rachel Caine as well as classic stuff like Hardy, Austen and Bronte.  I enjoy movies, most movies except mind-numbing action movies or slapstick ‘vomit’ humour.  Musically I like rock, everything from industrial to classic; I like folky stuff (especially my lovely friends Flaming June , Bellow Head, Blackmore’s Night, Mumford & Sons, Fleet Foxes) yeh, I’m a Christian rock hippy… so DC Talk, Michael Tait, Toby Mac, Switchfoot, Steve, Phatfish, Newsboys also.

So that’s me, anything else – read the blog… comment… discuss and spread the word

ps. pandas are my favourite creature!  I have a growing collection of models, and stuffed toys of them!


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